Understand Your Options and Get Legal Help Now

When you find yourself confronted with a legal problem- for example, a car accident, drafting a contract for your business, planning your estate, a business dispute, a problem with your employer, a dispute with your insurance company, abuse by your mortgage lender, or any situation where you’ve been hurt, damaged, or had your rights violated- you need to learn what your legal options are as quickly as possible.

“Wait-and-see” is not a strategy, and doing nothing about your legal problem can lead to disastrous, painful, far-reaching consequences that you cannot afford.

As your attorney, I can help you understand all of your options and deal with your problems, whatever they may be.

Your initial half-hour consultation with me will be free, and if I cannot help you, I will help you find someone who can.

If I can help you, as a solo practitioner I can do so efficiently, economically, and in a more agile, flexible and responsive way than larger firms are typically able to do. Hourly, contingency, flat-rate and other flexible fee plans are available.

Also available is a three-hour, flat-rate Strategy Session, during which I will meet with you to help you understand your options and outline a course of action for you.  See the Rates page for more information.

Please call me at 208.450.3797 so that we can begin, and thank you for your business.

– Andrew